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Our unique model looks closely at the needs of each culture and aligns it to the best programs for you.


Whether you are changing careers, having a baby, sending a child off to college or getting ready to retire, let our team help tailor a personal plan around your individual needs.  

patient advocacy services


Our sole purpose is to take the complex and make it simple!

We provide the environment for people to easily understand the complex healthcare system, their insurance benefits and what they cover; creating savings in both time and money.  

It's an environment where you, your dependents or your employees, can stay focused on what matters most and experience the protection from a team of advocates who are there to champion your cause!

culture work

Purpose is increasingly being used as a key to navigating the complex and volatile world we face today - where strategy is ever-changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong.  Experts are beginning to understand how purpose is key to exceptional performance and even doctors have found that people with purpose in their lives are less prone to disease.  Join us to learn how purpose can be used to ignite your culture and foster a healthy workforce. 

2Know Community

There are good people doing good work. The 2Know Community is a place that we can bring light to those doing the hard work to create cultures that are On Purpose for a Purpose.  As a client of Benefit Source, Inc., you will automatically be part of the community and will be invited to come and learn as well as share.  We are better together!  Change is constant and unavoidable.  It is not easy to navigate.  It takes significant attention and intention.  Come and learn from each other!

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